NBA plans to revisit the idea of having a midseason tournament, per report

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After the success of the play-in tournament this season, the NBA is reportedly interested in revisiting the idea of adding a midseason tournament to the league schedule, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. This is an idea the league discussed back in 2019 when they were exploring several changes to the calendar, like shortening the regular season schedule and adding the play-in tournament for the postseason. 

However, the idea of a midseason tournament never gained enough traction to put it to a vote. The midseason tournament would mirror something similar to what European soccer does, with the NBA discussing the option of holding an eight-team, single -elimination tournament that would pay players $1 million each for the winning team, per Wojnarowski. Commissioner Adam Silver is optimistic that the league could entice players and teams to agree to some form of a midseason tournament, but there haven’t been advanced talks about the idea.

The league would need approval from the player’s union and two-thirds majority approval from the Board of Governors to add something like a midseason tournament to the schedule. There is concern that some of the league’s top players wouldn’t want to compete, and would rather use the break in schedule to rest. 

The league’s optimism hinges on the success of the play-in tournament and the number of big names players who embraced the challenge. However, there were also several players, like LeBron James and Luka Doncic, who came out against the idea of the play-in tournament. Ultimately, though, the player’s union agreed to implementing the play-in tournament despite some players not agreeing to it. 

It’s too late for a midseason tournament to be implemented to the 2021-22 schedule, but if the idea gains enough traction, it could be added to the 2022-23 calendar. 

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