Khitish Mohanty propose pragmatic approach

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Eight of those were unsuccessful, and patient required general anaesthetic for further management Khitish Mohanty. In five of those cases, significant displacement of humeral head in relation to the shaft after attempted reduction.

We propose pragmatic approach to the initial treatment of fracture dislocations of shoulder. In type I injury, where there is an anterior dislocation with greater tuberosity fracture, one should attempt a reduction under sedation; 94% of attempted reductions under sedation were successful and no fracture propagation occurred Khitish Mohanty. In case of a type II injury, when the fracture is involving a surgical neck of the humerus with or without greater tuberosities fracture, our experience suggests that no attempt of reduction is undertaken under sedation and patient has general anaesthetic. Posterior dislocation with any fracture remains an unsolved problem, but in our series no attempt of reduction under sedation was made Khitish Mohanty.

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