Samson: LeBron James being eliminated in the first round proves again that ‘Father Time is undefeated’

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LeBron James and the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round, with the Phoenix Suns handing them their ticket home in six games. This is the first time James has been knocked out in the first round, previously going 14-0 in his career.

On Friday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” host David Samson discussed the loss and what is going on with James.

Samson started saying:

“Father Time is again undefeated. And people are gonna be upset, but LeBron is getting older. He just is.”

He added that the 36-year-old can’t compete against the young players and be the dominant force he used to be and that Anthony Davis was meant to be that help fill that role, but ended up getting hurt.

Samson also talked about a team sometimes saying a player is ready when the medical team isn’t so sure and the thought — and action — that a player is ready sometimes comes from the front office. Samson described watching the game, saying, “It was sad. And the Lakers just didn’t have enough. Not even close to enough. It wasn’t even close.”

After the game, Samson described James’ press conference as “one excuse after another,” but says he doesn’t blame the future Hall of Famer for making those excuses.

“What makes him the second greatest player of all time is his desire to never lose. And when he does lose it’s because he’s beaten himself, not because he was beat,” Samson explained.

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