Covid isn’t the only viral disease surging in the Americas, a top W.H.O. official warns.

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Countries from Canada to Chile should fortify their health systems to confront rising coronavirus deaths as well as the growing threats posed by other contagious diseases, including monkeypox, viral hepatitis and the flu, a top World Health Organization official said on Wednesday.

“We are facing multiple risks at the same time,” said Dr. Carisse Etienne, director of the Pan American Health Organization, the W.H.O.’s regional arm. “Countries must adjust their capacity and direct enough resources and staff to help.”

There were 14 percent more deaths related to Covid-19 in the Americas last week than the week before, Dr. Etienne said on a conference call with reporters. New case reports have risen for six straight weeks, she added.

At the same time, several Latin American countries have reported unexpectedly high numbers of influenza cases and hospitalizations, Dr. Etienne said. Other nations have recorded surges in R.S.V., a respiratory virus that often afflicts young children.

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