Biden to Host Latin American Leaders at Summit in Los Angeles

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WASHINGTON — President Biden is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on Wednesday to host a three-day summit meeting of Latin American leaders, where he hopes to demonstrate his ability to confront the economic and migration issues that fuel the region’s most serious challenges.

Even before his first meeting, the president is the subject of a boycott by some of the most important heads of state, who have refused to attend because Mr. Biden excluded several dictators in the region. His agenda for the meeting — which includes a series of lofty-sounding announcements — is being met with deep skepticism.

And a caravan of thousands of migrants is making its way north through Mexico in the hopes of crossing into the United States while Mr. Biden is in California, a small but visible reminder of the problems at the border that have plagued his presidency.

Mr. Biden is left facing the unlikely prospect of making serious diplomatic progress at a time when many of his counterparts doubt the United States’ commitment in the region.

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