New Experimental Therapy for A.L.S. Approved in Canada

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An experimental therapy for A.L.S., the paralyzing and fatal neurological disorder, has been approved in Canada, adding a new treatment option for a disease for which there are few effective therapies.

The approval comes with the condition that the drug company later provide better evidence that the treatment works. It is likely to be of major interest to patients with A.L.S. (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in the United States, where the same therapy — AMX0035, to be marketed as Albrioza — is being evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, which has raised questions about the treatment’s effectiveness.

An F.D.A. review earlier this year found Albrioza to be safe, but said there was not enough evidence that it was effective either in helping patients live longer or slowing the rate at which they lose functions like muscle control, speaking or breathing without assistance. A committee of independent advisers to the F.D.A. voted by a narrow margin in March that the therapy was not ready for approval.

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