Bakery in Kyiv Honors Boris Johnson With a Croissant

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He is fighting for his political survival at home, but embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain can take some comfort: He has been immortalized as a croissant in Kyiv.

And, by all accounts, the Boris Johnson croissant, crowned with undulating meringue and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to represent the Conservative politician’s unruly golden hair, is selling out fast at Zavertailo Bakery, a popular cafe and bakery in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.

“Boris Johnson is not just a prime minister but is also now a croissant,” Zavertailo Bakery wrote in an Instagram post last month, explaining that it wanted to pay homage to the prime minister and his steadfast support for Ukraine with a pastry “inspired by the English apple pie and the charming haircut of Boris Johnson.”

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