The Battlefield in Ukraine: A Kaleidoscope of Death.

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Outgoing, incoming, the whistle, the screech and the bang.

The violence of war descended on Ukraine when Russian forces surged across their borders. The killing and dying seemed to happen so quickly that it almost felt mechanical.

Suddenly, some of the most lethal weapons ever used were massed on the battlefield and unleashed on both sides in appalling quantities: cluster rockets, self-detonating mines, battle tanks, howitzers, thermobarics and incendiary munitions. The list goes on.

The skies above the quaint neighborhoods of cities like Kharkiv or the coal mines of the Donbas were an unseen kaleidoscope of death as artillery fired from a distance ruled the day after the Russian retreat in early April from the Kyiv area. Moscow had decided to try to win by attrition.

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