The Smaller, Everyday Deals for College Athletes Under New Rules

Although players with six-figure deals have attracted most of the public attention, thousands of athletes are pulling in just enough for books or date nights under name, image and likeness agreements.

In New Era for College Sports, Army-Navy Is a Student-Athlete Showcase

Unlike athletes at other universities, athletes at military academies cannot seek outside deals to earn money from their fame.

College Football Playoff Warns Teams Could Forfeit Because of Virus

Texas A&M also withdrew from the Gator Bowl, leaving Wake Forest, for the moment, without an opponent.

How the Bishop Sycamore Football Team Dashed Dreams

A start-up football school called Christians of Faith, later known as Bishop Sycamore, recruited players from tough neighborhoods with talk of academic help and a path to glory. But the path only led them back to where they started.

With Exasperation, College Football Is Just Trying to Get Through the Playoff

Frustrations with the pandemic in college sports have mirrored the challenges seen well beyond athletics.

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